The Truth About Sex

by / Tuesday, 14 February 2012 / Published in Uncategorized

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m back from India, integrating back from the 13.5 hour time change and culture shock.

Today, we have a special treat for you: tribe member Bonnie Stern, who will tell her truth about sex.

Enough said right?

We get our power in business when we get our power in the bedroom. It’s all related.

Message from Bonnie: I want to connect with as many women as possible. I believe I can help women rejuvinate their bodies in a healthy, organic way. I have seen so many amazing women on this site with products and services to help improve the lives of those around them. You do so much to help others, and I want to help you!

I am the founder and co- creator of an amazing product called Sex Butter. The Butter is a special blend of organic essential oils that may enhance the sexual pleasure for women by lubricating the vaginal walls, creating heightened sensation, & allowing everlasting pleasure during foreplay & intercourse. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

This product is 100% pure organic, hormone free, chemical free, and hypo-allergenic.

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