Is your communication effective?

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Imagine how fulfilling your life would be if you had love and connection in every single one of your relationships. Imagine the sense of community that would be present.

To be part of a tribe requires developing relationships. To have long lasting, sustainable relationships requires really good communication.

Are you able to communicate effectively with the people around you? With your family, significant other, friends, business partners and clients?

How many times do you hold yourself back and worry about being fully self-expressed in your communication?

I know I do every week when I create this video!

This is why it is absolutely critical to be constantly working on your communication skills. Today’s video talks about how you can start communicating better in your life and business:

Homework: practice awareness of the words coming out of your mouth and share your insights below.

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9 Responses to “Is your communication effective?”

  1. Jenny Shih says : Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to emphasize the point about effective communication to build a tribe. You’re absolutely right–it takes patience, openness, and a willingness to realize that we all have different perspectives. Love the house example!

  2. Tanya
    I have been noticing both the perspective that you were discussing (just had a conversation with my husband and what our different perspectives of “Fun” are and how we can come together to create more fun in our marriage). And also since noticing my conversation around not enough, have been practicing noticing what I do have, and more seems to be showing up! So thanks for the great reminders!

  3. This is a great video. Your excitement about what you do is great. I am going to take note of what I am thinking and saying more often. There are so many great tips here on how to use communication. I really like the fact that you mention that we all have our own point of view. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love, love…this post! Communication is so key in our personal relationships as well as our business relationships. I remember my relationships growing up in how my conversations could have been so much better if I knew what I know now.

    I think what took my knowledge to the next level is Brandy Mychals Character Code System. When I understood what my code was and what others are then my conversations totally transformed to being more powerful because I knew how to communicate with them.

    Love what you do.


  5. jean says : Reply

    Tanya~Thanks for pointing out that everyone has a different perspective/not right or wrong, but just different.

    So important in clear communication without blame!



  6. Suki says : Reply

    I agree with the different perspective. After reading the Men are from Mar and Women are from Venus, it helps me understand more about the different view from men and women. I still keep practicing and need improving my communication especially for communication with my clients.

  7. dear tanya…

    through teaching yoga i have learned just how important clear communication is… and studying the buddhist “world view” perspective has changed my relationships because of my constant attention to what comes out of my mouth..
    you are spot on with all of your examples- what great reminders and tips on how to change your perspective….
    LOVE IT!
    “your thoughts create your words, your words create your actions, and your actions create your character…” not emerson’s exact words, but close i think… ; )

  8. I needed this today! such an amazing post about speaking and communicating. Thanks so much!


  9. I checked my testerone at the door after reading your tagline and plunged right in. However, your message is so universal. Being in finance and sales I am very aware of the words I use because there can be such strong emotions involved. I also pride myself on being a good listener as the best way to be aware of your words is to sometimes say less of them 😉
    Great job on your video Tanya, really great energy!

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