What’s your little voice saying?

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I love Harbin.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a beautiful retreat center and hot spring about 2 hours north of San Francisco.

A few of us went up there for some R&R Sunday. Talk about some truth telling when you get naked!

Check out what our tribe member, Shivie Cook had to say about her little voice taking her out of the game:

One of my other big a-ha’s was overcoming my fear of being in the hot pool (110-115 degrees!). I’d put my feet in and think they were going to melt. Don’t even mention to me the cold pool!

But Shivie told me to get all the way in and then freeze and put my hands on my stomach. Sure enough, I was able to hold it, but as soon as someone was on the stairs, I’d panic feeling like I was trapped and needed to bolt.

After about 10 rounds of going hot pool cold pool, I had it. I could sit there in the water and not be bothered either way.

What’s that all about?

It reminded me of Vipassana meditation and the sadhus who sit in the Himalayas in a loin cloth: it is simply not reacting to the sensation in the body until it no longer bothers you.

Mind over matter. When you let go of your attachment to the craving or aversion to the trigger, you find peace and stillness.

Yet another reason to do this: it’s really good for your organs as the blood is able to flow better after being in the extreme hot and cold water.

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