Tribal Truth Evolution and Transition

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I am so grateful for you whether you’ve been with me since the beginning of Tribal Truth 5 years ago or you are just receiving your first email today. You believe in my mission and are part of my virtual tribe. Thank you!

You are here today because you’ve caught the “truth bug” in this lifetime and want to connect deeper with your spirituality and like-minded community. You have either attended one of our 100s of events or opted in online. We may or may not have met or even spoken, but I know who you are as a mirror reflection of me:

You are a truth seeker. You care deeply. You are hungry for wisdom. You strive to help others. You want to be a better person for all of humanity to thrive.

And you’ve been attracted to Tribal Truth for one reason or another … looking for that connection that we all crave.

Tribal Truth has been a very special container. A cocoon. A safe haven. An incubator. Many women (and men) have birthed themselves and their dreams in this sacred space. I have witnessed. I have held space. And in return, I have been birthed as well … as a woman, a soon-to-be mother, and a feminine leader.

A few weeks ago, I participated in my 5th 10-day silent Vipassana retreat as a purification, vision quest and birth prep ritual.

Today, I come to you to let you know that a powerful vision came through during my silence and stillness. I am cutting a cord, spreading my wings, and letting go of the old to make room for the new as I step over a threshold in about a month when I give birth to my daughter, a new generation feminine leader.

I am no longer holding others in the container called Tribal Truth. I am emerging and creating space for the next evolution to take place.

Here’s the new structure:

Structures are meant to support us, not hinder us. I have hit a glass ceiling inside of Tribal Truth and busted through.

In this breakthrough, a new structure has emerged:

On the top of the structure (or “brand”) is Tanya Lynn and my mission to support women in being the new generation feminine leader, leading by example. (Later this year when I get married I will legally be Tanya Kozlowski so I’m dropping a last name all together in how I represent myself in the world.)

The two entities that I’ve created sit underneath:

Tribal Truth – a place for people (both men and women) to learn how to build conscious community, honor one another, collaborate and cooperate in the new paradigm. When I feel into it, I feel Honoring the Masculine-Feminine and our North County San Diego community as a whole … how we play together in life and conscious business. How this looks going forward in terms of events and the website will be revealed.

Sistership Circle – a place for women to step into their power as a woman and create relationships with other like-minded women. This truly is the essence of what we’ve been doing at Tribal Truth all along since 2010; women supporting and empowering women. But the name Tribal Truth never felt fully in alignment with our service because “tribe” for me is about EVERYONE (including men and children), not just half the planet (women).

How this affects you:

It doesn’t really. You’ve been on this newsletter list listening to my voice all along. So really, we’re just calling it as it is: Tanya’s newsletter.

You have no idea how freeing this feels! It feels like I’m ripping off a mask that no longer fits called “Tribal Truth” and allowing myself to be fully seen! So even though the writing and videos will still have the same essence, I feel more energetically aligned! YES!

Each newsletter will come from Tanya Lynn “” and will have a new header. Content will more or less be the same plus updates on both Tribal Truth, Sistership Circle, and other events and programs from my partners that I feel would serve you on your journey.

The intention is to send out a week email on Tuesdays and every once in a while, send out important messages as they come up.

We keep evolving as human beings. I’ve been scared to do this and have held back for the past two weeks since getting back from Vipassana. But today, I am a full body 100% yes and it feels right. I’ve shed so many layers over the past 9 months of my pregnancy and I need this final cord cutting as I go through my rite of passage into motherhood. I now get to step fully into embodying my leadership on a whole new level. It’s that little energetic shift that makes all the difference for true essence to emerge.

Thank you so much for walking the path of TRUTH with me. It can be scary to tell the truth that feels so vulnerable. It can be scary to be a leader without wearing a mask. But it is the way to true happiness and peace.

I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below with your thoughts.



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