how to make a smooth life transition

by / Tuesday, 25 November 2014 / Published in Blog

I’ve been feeling the desire to get back into vlogging and today when I went through the archives, saw that I started the Truth Telling Tuesday vlog for Thanksgiving 2011. I consistently put out a weekly video until March 2013 when I started to go through a drastic life transition.

So today feels like the perfect day to bring Truth Telling Tuesday back!

If you haven’t heard of Truth Telling Tuesday, each week I share a part of my life that’s vulnerable and give you 3 tips or tools to apply to your own life. The intention is to blend lessons on leadership, tribe and spiritual development.

I have received countless rave reviews of people who love these videos and have stayed on my list for years to keep getting the inspiration.

In today’s Truth Telling Tuesday, I talk about the 3 ways you can make a smooth life transition (fitting since that’s where we left off a year and a half ago!)

I’m in the middle of the biggest transition of my life becoming a mother and have A LOT of reflections on how it can be empowering instead of disempowering. This is just a snippet of the wisdom that has come through …

I’d love to hear your thoughts: Are you in a life transition? Or have successfully made it through one? Any practices/tools you can share?

Be sure to share your comments below.


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