Are you ALL IN?

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When I interviewed Lisa Fabrega last week for the Sistership Circle Virtual Festival, she talked about having a conversation with one of her groups about either being ALL IN or ALL OUT.

The conversation stuck with me. It gnawed at me. Finally, I wrote a message to all the Sistership Circle Facilitators and asked them the same question: are you ALL IN as a facilitator?

My intention was to create more unity through commitment and to take our leadership to the next level.

Leadership requires us to be ALL IN. A leader must be a stand for something greater (a vision) and have the courage to call out the elephant in the room.

I was nervous. I was risking it all. While my intention was to inspire and motivate, I knew that this could result in a dramatic fall out because what I was asking of the facilitators was to go to their edge and trust. And not everyone is willing to do so.

What happened next blew my mind. The response was an overwhelming YES, THANK YOU. (And yes, I did have a couple step out.)

It was as if I gave the women permission to claim their leadership on a whole new level. They wanted this. They needed this.

And my own life shifted. During the past week, so much opened up. My insurance that I was having trouble paying finally got sorted out and we got approved for a 3 bedroom house. I completed another coaching contract and went to a gorgeous wedding venue that feels like “the one.” I also found my next level of leadership.

For the first few weeks of the training, I felt like I was telling the facilitators what to do instead of empowering them to take the initiative and lead. This has come up time and time again in my working relationships. This was the secret sauce that I had been looking for, simple but not easy: asking them to go ALL IN with me and commit 100% as my partners. I had been unwilling to do this before because I felt like it was a burden. And yet, I took on the responsibility and created a relationship that was hierarchical, not true partnership. In the past, I felt burdened. I felt alone. I felt frustrated. All because I had been unwilling to ask someone to be ALL IN, taking 100% responsibility and claiming their own leadership and commitment.

Wow. What a shift. What a breakthrough.

So here’s the questions I asked myself that you can use for your life:

Do you feel like you are doing it all alone?
Do you feel like people don’t have your back?
Where can you be responsible for creating your own reality?
Have you asked them to go ALL IN with you?
What would ALL IN look like for you?
Is there anything else they need to be ALL IN?
What would now be possible with this empowered partnership?

By taking this stand, I also got to look at being ALL IN for my life and having exactly what I want and need.

Commitment is one of the hardest things to do because we are afraid of failure. We are afraid of looking bad. We are afraid of opening up a can of worms.

Yet I have found that inside commitment, anything is possible. When I commit, that’s when I manifest my dreams and desires. When I commit, that’s when the universe conspires in my favor.

So what will you commit to today that you’ve been on the fence about?

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