Johnny BlackburnJohnny Blackburn

Honoring The Feminine Facilitator

Johnny Blackburn is an Integral Life Coach who enjoys supporting men and women in living fuller, freer, deeper lives— getting out of your own way, finding your unique way and building the skills to actualize your potential for yourself and contribution to humanity. Whether you seek clearer direction & purpose, greater effectiveness, emotional freedom, richer connection, or personal development, Johnny helps co-create a unique, comprehensive, and practical transformative coaching program.

His original background was in Business Management Consulting before a career specializing in the psychology of eating, combining Functional Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Psychology.

A long-time life hacker, recovering workshop junkie, and world traveler with a diverse history in spirituality and personal development, he brings a rich and varied perceptive to helping individuals like you realize unique life goals, potential, and contributions: bridging your current reality with what you want to see, do, and be.