Christina DunbarChristina Dunbar

HerVision Facilitator

Christina Dunbar is a visibility expert and performing speaker that embodies full self-expression in all that she does.  She is co-producing and starring in her 1st one-woman show in September 2013.

Christina is co-creator of the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement and founder of  She has been named the “catalyst for badassery” and through her retreats, mentoring circles, and stage performances she ignites other artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs to find their voice, share their message, and become visibility vixens.


Badassery is about owning ALL the parts of ourselves as women; the sexual AND spiritual, the fierce AND kind, the shadow AND Light. Badassery is about honoring that we as women are not one thing, or one way, or one note. Badassery is about visibility; it’s about owning our right to take up space on this planet and be seen and heard. Badassery is about trusting our intuition. Badassery is for people who feel weird, wrong, and wild. Badassery is permission to be you.

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