5 Powerful Practices to flow into your New Year

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Today, I’d like to intro you to my mastermind soul sister and partner in the HerVision events; Mz. Christina Dunbar.

Christina is a performing artist, producer and catalyst for women that are ready to freak their truth, unleash their voices and step into the spotlight. She’s also an incredible creative that manifests through flow.

Since this is the time of year to tune into truth, I wanted to share Christina’s visionary vixen practices with you. I’ll let her take it from here …

Hi Loves! So, December is what I call my flow month. It is a time for deep reflection and deeper still imagination. Rather than be in the hurry of shopping and partying and leave NO space to be; I create more space in my calendar than I think I need.

I love diving into space. Stillness creates a powerful portal of potency for the upcoming year. Sexy, right? But sometimes I still feel the shadow of my former self—and the gosh golly Good Girl guilt comes up—“I should be doing more!” (Stomp, pout, wine, stomp). When GG freaks her shitty shoulds all over my serene soul, I lovingly remind her that the proof is in the pudding. And that the flow is working real good, girlfriend.

Here are some of my fave powerful practices to flow in your New Year:

What’s your theme, badass? Create a one word or short sentence theme for your year. If you had a song, an anthem, or a phrase for 2014, what would it be? Do not underestimate the power of this. I have themed for the past two years and it is freaking incredible.

Amazing Accomplishments. Write out everything you accomplished this year. I mean everything. My soul sister Brittney Castro does this every year and inspired me to sit my booty down and write my list. Whoa mama. We tend to forget just how much we create in one, teeny-tiny, year. Write it down and weep, love.

Dream and doodle. Open up your heart and let it rip. Let your desires rip. Let your feelings rip. It doesn’t even have to make sense. Just dream it and then write it, draw it, doodle it, paint it. Allow yourself to feel on paper. Pick colors and words that spark ALIVENESS in you. Create a doodling masterpiece of your truth. Hang it up. Bless it. Rock it.

Complete and carry on. Everything is energy. And energy can swoosh and move or feel stagnant, sticky and stuck. It’s important to look at the areas in your life that feel incomplete… and then complete them.

Finances: Do you owe anyone one money? Do you need to ask for an extension? Do you need to balance your check book?

Home: Closet full of clothes you don’t wear? I just cleaned and organized my clothing space and feel like a whole new woman.

Office: Are there papers lying around that need to be thrown out? Clear and complete, baby.

Projects: Have you been procrastinating on a project you care about? First, forgive yourself. Second, decide. Are you gonna ditch it or honor it? If you choose to honor it, set a REAL date to take action. Put it in your calendar. If you choose to ditch it, make peace and move on. Not all projects are keepers.

Emotion: Are there wounds that haven’t healed? Emotion that needs to expressed? This is a must. Our emotions need clearing so we can thrive in our missions, art and businesses. At HerVision 2014 we are going to take you through a powerful release ritual to let go of what no longer is serving. This simple saying is soooooo true: Let go of the old to make room for the new!

Soul Slow down. Breathe. Listen. Dance. Sleep. Our spirit needs to open up in order to hear the calling of the soul. That means getting out of contraction and expanding into depth. That means slowing down. This month I named myself Feminine Hibernating Bear. Yeah, I’m just a big old bear and I like it. Growl. I am really honoring that I want to sleep more, to rest, to cuddle. There is a rhythm that wants to roll and all you have to do is look to nature for your ques. Trust your flow. And life will carry you.

Hope to see you for our big n’ badass visioning event in 2014!

Christina Dunbar

I love Christina. She’s seriously one of the easiest people to co-create with … that’s why we’re on our third year of HerVision. And this year will be our edgiest. We’ll be revealing more of our artist selves by getting dressed up in body paint by a professional. We want to fully embody being a piece of art and creating the stage for you to revel in your beauty and witness the beauty of the other women in the room.

Join us on Jan 19:

Love, Tanya

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