2014 Year In Review

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For the past three years, I’ve met up with a friend for our annual review. We take 2-4 hours to go through each month to look at our accomplishments. We coach each other to look deeper and really get the lessons. We then create one word to embody the year ahead.

The biggest mistake you can make is jumping straight into writing down new year resolutions and goals without completing the passing year, otherwise you are creating on top of mud.

Completion is missing in our society. We walk away from relationships incomplete. We carry old baggage. We hold onto resentment.

What if you were constantly cleaning up what’s incomplete? You would have a clear space, a blank canvas to create.

One definition of COMPLETE is to “make something whole or perfect.”

This means being with what is. Not leaving any part out. Looking at what worked and what didn’t. Looking at where you are responsible. Learning from the lessons and celebrating the accomplishments.

The whole is the dark and the light.

When you address the shadow, the darkness, you can see the light shining through. You see the beauty in what you have overcome … you are still alive! You made it!

This year has been the year of Death and Rebirth. I feel like I’ve really experienced the death of my ego — my identity — this year. And I’ve also experienced what’s possible after death … it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I published my book. I met my man. I got pregnant. I created Sistership Circle. The dead leaves were fertile soil for something new. The cycle of creation.

==>> Read my 2014 Year in Review here. <<==

What you’ll learn from my year:

MONEY … how I will never be anxious, tense, fearful or doubtful about money again.

RELATIONSHIP … how I felt like I fell into an arranged marriage and fell in love with it.

THE HUMAN BODY … is miraculous.

MOTHERHOOD … how I overcame misconceptions and the negative portrayal of the mother archetype.

SISTERSHIP … how I let go of competition with other women.

I highly recommend taking time this week to write yours (and I’d love to hear it so please post the link on the comments of my post here.

Here’s how to write your Year in Review:

Step 1: Give your year a theme. It could be one word or a short sentence. Mine was “Death & Rebirth.”

Step 2: Go through each month and write down the highlights.

Step 3: Break it down into 5 categories of lessons or themes that stood out. Mine were MONEY, RELATIONSHIP, MY BODY, MOTHERHOOD and SISTERSHIP.

Step 4: Free flow write about each theme/lesson. Don’t think too hard about it. Just whatever comes.

Step 5: Look at what you wrote. What was the sentence that encapsulates the theme? If there are multiple one-liners that you can tease from it, write those down.

Step 6: Put it out there! Share it with friends, on Facebook, with your list. When you put it out there, magic happens. Watch to see what opens up.

Step 7: Create a theme for 2015 and just sit in that for a little while. Don’t go start creating just yet! Allow yourself to be in COMPLETION for at least a week before diving into CREATION of your 2015 theme word.


PS. If your 2015 theme word has to do with community, relationships, sisterhood, authenticity, then I highly recommend joining the Virtual Sistership Circle. The January circle will be Thursdays 8:30 – 10am starting Jan 8. It will be a powerful space for you to create 2015. The circle has limited space so if you have been thinking about, take the leap and grab your seat here.

PPS. If you want to get your questions answered and feel the energy of Sistership Circle before making a decision (skeptical if Virtual will work?), join us for the Virtual Circle Activation Gathering on Monday Dec 29 here. Space is limited so only sign up if you are 100% committed to showing up on this call for the full hour.

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